Emergency Response & Crisis Management


Stann is well-known for its market-leading emergency response and crisis management services in the maritime sector.

Our team has decades of experience of dealing with the most serious and challenging maritime-related incidents, including collisions, groundings, fires, explosions and the seizure of vessels by both state and non-state actors. We have been involved acting for Owners & Insurers in some of the most notable cases this century, the most recent being the Ever Given grounding in the Suez Canal.

We understand the importance of responding to events rapidly and decisively. Our 24/7 emergency response service provides our clients with immediate crisis management services, no matter the time or location. It is for these reasons that Stann is written into the emergency response plans of many shipowners around the world. 

The emergency response and crisis management services we offer are full-spectrum.

Criminal Investigations against the Master, Crew and Owners
We understand the pressures on individuals, what their freedom means to them and to their loved ones. In many countries around the world, the authorities may point the finger of blame based on the allegations made and/or the consequences of an incident (such as pollution / or personal injury) rather than on whether there is in fact a criminal act on behalf of those being prosecuted. We believe in securing fairness for those concerned

In the immediate aftermath of a major incident, we understand that the priority must be the safety of the vessel, its crew and the environment. We can quickly negotiate and secure the services of world-class salvage providers on the best possible terms for our clients to help bring the situation under control.

Strategic and legal advice
In the high-pressured environment following a casualty, decision-making is critical. Our extensive experience of dealing with major incidents, along with our deep understanding of the legal and commercial context, means we are well-placed to offer our clients strategic and legal guidance to help protect their interests.

On-site attendance
When a casualty occurs, we are able to deploy a team of expert mariners and lawyers to attend an incident on-site and to take a “hands-on” approach to help manage the after-effects. They will ensure that the ship leaves port asap, and your position is protected.

Co-ordination with authorities
The involvement of the authorities can often create an additional layer of complexity in the management of an incident. We have significant experience of dealing with authorities from jurisdictions across the world and can call upon our extensive network of contacts for assistance in this regard.

Reputation protection
The media scrutiny following a major incident can pose a threat to the reputation of our clients. We understand that the effective management of information is crucial. We can help our clients protect their reputation by assisting them with communication strategies and controlling information output.