Projects & Strategic Advisory


We pride ourselves on our deep understanding of our clients’ businesses and the markets in which they operate.

This means that we are well placed to provide expert strategic business consultancy and general advisory services to our clients in our specialist sectors to help them grasp new opportunities and grow their businesses.

Our clients benefit from our project management skills. We regularly assist our shipowning clients with a variety of projects, including in relation to the legal, technical and commercial aspects of ship recycling and the improvement of company systems, such as SMS procedures.

Strategic business consultancy
We have extensive experience of providing business advice to our clients at a board and senior management level.

We have the capabilities to assist our clients with the planning, analysis and execution of large-scale business ventures, such as joint ventures and acquisitions. Our technical understanding allows us to prepare detailed feasibility studies and analytical reports for our clients, while our unrivalled network of contacts means that we are able to successfully connect our clients to help them achieve their commercial objectives.

In addition to advising on major business ventures, we are also able to provide expert general advisory services to our clients. This includes reviewing and advising on our clients’ businesses generally and providing ad hoc assistance as required.

Given our team’s legal and commercial understanding, Stann is also well-placed to advise our clients with expert reviews of their company policies and contractual arrangements.

We also regularly advise our clients on corporate related issues such as company structuring to avoid exposure to arrest or attachment, improving company systems such as SMS and managing Oil Major Approvals reporting.

In view of the rapidly changing political and regulatory environment, we provide our clients with audit services to ensure that they remain in compliance with the latest applicable legislation and regulations.

We are particularly experienced with undertaking MARPOL audits of our clients’ businesses to assess risk levels and provide comprehensive recommendations to minimise the prospect of an infringement which can have significant financial and reputational consequences. We are also able to provide general audit and risk assessment services to our clients to ensure that their businesses are protected from the risks associated with non-compliance.