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Whenever you face a challenging legal or commercial situation anywhere in the world, trust Stann to rise to it.  We resolve emergencies with composure; in a crisis we bring calm. We turn business dilemmas into resolutions, with efficiency and creativity. And we handle all maritime, aviation, offshore and insurance legal matters with exceptional skill and extraordinary determination.

In your time of greatest need and at any time, depend on us to be available and undaunted.

Your business comes First

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To consistently deliver positive legal and practical outcomes for you; your objectives become our objectives. That is our focus and we use our expertise, ingenuity and discretion to make it happen.

Our international connections and insights ensure your business can progress with reassuring certainty. In developing situations, we are insightful and decisive. When responding, we are agile and assured. In keeping you informed, we are clear and get straight to the point.

We never forget you are depending on us. We’ve got you covered.


Stann is admired and respected worldwide for supporting clients with integrity, authority and dogged determination. We are proud to say that our reputation is well-earned.

Our support for you comes from a team with an exceptional depth of international maritime and trade knowledge and experience. They offer a diverse range of skills that can cover all eventualities, in any part of the world. Together, they have successfully handled some of the highest profile and most complex global trade incidents of the last three decades. Yet they remain approachable, personable and down to earth.

Call on Stann and all our strengths and values are instantly at your service.

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