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Your Career with Stann

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What We Need

At Stann, you get to work alongside the sharpest of minds, tackling legal concepts that dictate the future of one of the most vital global industries: shipping.

We also service the insurance, energy/offshore and aviation sectors. These industries have in common that they are highly technical; supporting these sectors requires legal acumen but also the ability to comprehend and advise on the complex situations in which our cases and matters arise.

You will need to be quick-thinking, with an ability to rely on your own initiative when it counts. Shipping is a 24/7 business, and when emergency response matters arise you will be depended on until the coast is clear. We believe in results, not face-time; at the heart of our culture is trust in each team member that they can work wherever they are located and that they will be available when it matters most.

Our clients are blue chip companies: stalwarts of their industries who come to us to solve their knottiest problems. The work will see you applying yourself across several spheres: the commercial coalface of the sectors, the technical fundamentals that arise when things go wrong, and – of course – the provision of incisive legal support. You will enjoy a rich variety of work.

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Besides investigations and problem solving, we are trusted consultants for our clients, managing contract development, advising on business strategy, and helping safeguard their profitability, regulatory compliance, and reputation. At Stann, you can look forward to client access from the earliest stages of your career. Working closely alongside clients’ businesses means you’ll feel the wins as your own.

Naturally, you’ll be well rewarded for your efforts; we appreciate what’s required to attract high calibre people and ensure your satisfaction and loyalty. We want you to feel you’ve made the right life choice.


The bottom line at Stann is: if you’re up for the challenge, we’ll give you the tools to thrive.

Graduate Careers

Stann offers more than your average Training Contract. Here, you will have responsibility from the get-go. We entrust our Trainees with opportunities that at other firms would be reserved for Associates only: client-facing work and international travel are part and parcel of Trainee life at Stann.

Our Trainees are supported in their development by a tight-knit team, the majority of whom have developed their own careers together over the last decade. We recognise that your training doesn’t end when you take your final exam: at Stann you can carve your own path through your qualification process, building a career that feeds your interests.



Stann welcomes speculative applications from Graduate, NQ and Junior Associate level candidates. If you want to help make and shape the law in one of the most dynamic global industries, submit your application below.

We are specifically recruiting for a Trainee Solicitor to commence training in Autumn 2023. The successful candidate:

  1. Should meet SRA requirements for immediate commencement of a training contract, either through qualifying LPC or SQE completion;

  2. Should have minimum grades of AAB ‘A’ Levels (or equivalent) and 2:1 Honours Degree in any subject.

The firm particularly welcomes candidates with an interest in maritime law, any further study in that field and/or any relevant work experience.

Please send your CV and covering letter to


Mariners form the backbone of our team at Stann. Almost half our headcount is made up of those who have come ashore following a career at sea. A legal qualification is not required, but an enthusiasm to get to grips with the law is key.

We recruit the best candidates on an on-going basis. To submit an application email with a cover letter and CV.



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