Stann’s highly skilled investigators have decades of experience behind them. With recent and substantial seagoing time, the team is adept at getting to the crux of issues swiftly and has the expertise to handle any situation, adapting easily to the needs of the individual case.


We specialise in investigating the most complex and large-scale international incidents and maritime casualties. We also regularly carry out investigations of a technical nature, such as MARPOL violations and cargo management issues. Whether you are dealing with a current incident or are seeking expert insight into a past casualty, our investigators are ready to assist.

Equipped with cutting-edge technology, our team utilises advanced tools to ensure thorough investigations. We carry out real-time vessel and fleet tracking, helping us to provide early casualty detection. We can obtain port data (including vessel activity and meteorological data) and check sanctions-related issues. We also routinely prepare AIS (Automatic Identification System) reconstructions, enabling us to analyse the sequence of events leading up to an accident or incident accurately and undertake VDR (Voyage Data Recorder) analysis, a crucial aspect of maritime incident investigation that provides valuable insights into vessel operations and communications. We can assist you in implementing advanced tracking systems to monitor vessel movements, optimise routes, and enhance overall fleet performance. We use tracking data to support claims enforcement, providing valuable evidence and documentation for your legal proceedings.

Collaboration is key in incident investigation, and we pride ourselves on our extensive network of local assistance. Should the need arise, we can tap into the relationships built with correspondents and preferred local lawyers to gather additional support and information. We ensure that local knowledge supports our comprehensive investigations to encompass all relevant aspects of the incident, taking into account local laws, regulations, customs, and practices.

In the event of an incident, Stann is ready to assist in preparing incident reports. Our reports are tailored to our clients’ need, gathering relevant evidence, detailing the sequence of events, causation and contributing factors, and recommending preventative measures. Our team combines legal acumen with technical expertise to provide objective and comprehensive incident reports that can be used for insurance claims, regulatory compliance and internal reviews.

At Stann, our team of investigators possess strong legal capability and a deep understanding of the operational aspects of seagoing vessels. This dual perspective enables us to provide insight and advice, which is unrivalled in the market.

When you choose our investigation services, you can trust that our skilled team will diligently analyse the facts, leaving no stone unturned. Our goal is to provide you with accurate, objective, and actionable information to support your legal, commercial and operational decision-making processes.

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