At Stann, we understand that once the emergency response to an incident has been dealt with, the priority for our clients is often to find out what happened and why.

We offer comprehensive expert investigation services. Our experienced casualty and incident investigators specialise in the most complex and large-scale international incidents.

The investigations we undertake are focused on ensuring that all available evidence is gathered and protected. Our investigators are particularly experienced with undertaking thorough interviews with crewmembers and other witnesses to piece together the evidential picture.

Our detailed post-investigation reports provide expert recommendations to our clients on the best course of action and are often used by our clients to plan their strategic response to incidents, as well as for loss prevention purposes.

We subscribe to a number of specialised technical tools to support our investigation work. These tools can be used for real-time vessel and fleet tracking, early casualty detection, obtaining port data (including vessel activity and meteorological data) and sanctions-related issues.