Ian Rolfe

Senior Marine Manager

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Ian is a Master Mariner with 11 years sea going experience working on cargo ships, carrying RoRo, containers and general cargoes. Ian has both deep sea and freight ferry experience.

Prior to joining Stann, he worked for over four years at a major London law firm as a claims handler and marine casualty investigator within their shipping practice.

Ian has significant experience handling shipping claims. In casualty investigations, Ian is a skilful interviewer, able to get to the heart of the matter whilst conducting crew interviews and gathering evidence in the immediate aftermath of an incident. His experience has been called upon in such high-pressure cases as the attack on the tanker Front Altair in the Gulf of Oman, in which Ian attended on site to interview and assist the crew after abandonment. Ian has handled claims in all manner of admiralty cases, including high-profile collisions, salvage, groundings, fires, explosions, machinery failures, and others.

Ian is routinely consulted on quantum issues, in which he formulates clients’ claims, analyses claims against clients and conducts settlement negotiations. He also regularly defends salvage claims against owners, obtains and exchanges security, agrees jurisdiction, and arranges for vessel arrests.

Ian's Career Highlights

Emergency Response PlusMinus

Examples of Ian’s work in this area:

  • Attending onboard and assisting crew in an official investigation by the authorities following a collision in heavy fog outside a port in South America.

  • Attending onboard a timber carrier following a major cargo fire in Scandinavian waters

  • Attending to crew arriving in Dubai airport, and in formal investigations by the authorities, after their return from Iran following explosions on a tanker in the Gulf of Oman which led to a major fire and the crew abandoning their vessel.

  • Attending onboard a laden VLCC following a major collision in the South China Sea. Assisted owners and the crew during formal investigations by the authorities.

Dispute Resolution PlusMinus

Examples of disputes handled by Ian:

  • Settlement of a claim for a salvage award following services rendered to a vessel in the English Channel.

  • Settlement of claims in general average with cargo interests following a grounding in South America.

  • Settlement of claims arising after our client’s vessel suffered bottom damage following a putting-by incident in Central America.

Investigations PlusMinus

Examples of investigations handled by Ian:

  • Attendance onboard to conduct an investigation and subsequent VDR analysis following a major collision in the English Channel.

  • Casualty investigation, including VDR and AIS analysis, following a major grounding at the entrance to a South American port.

  • Investigation of a major cargo fire and the subsequent total loss of a vessel which occurred mid-ocean

  • Attending onboard and conducting an investigation into the grounding of a vessel in the Suez Canal.

  • Investigation and appointment of medical and forensic experts following the disappearance of a crew member at sea.

Advisory PlusMinus

Ian’s advisory and transactional work includes the following:

  • Drafting instructions for use in a major ship manager’s safety management system relating to the legal issues arising from marine casualties.

  • Advising owners following receipt of an official report by the authorities after an engine room fire and crew fatality in a major European port.

Consulting and Projects PlusMinus

Ian has handled the following:

  • Arranging for the sale and environmental re-cycling of a tanker which had suffered major damage following a grounding.

  • Arranging for tugs to attend to a vessel following loss of power in strong winds and in coastal waters.