Michael Ferguson

Marine Manager

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Michael is a Master Mariner with over 14 years’ experience working at sea, a large portion of which was spent on Tankers. At Stann, he leads on incident investigation and is a core member of the firm’s emergency response team.

Michael has sailed on gas, chemical and various classes of Oil Tankers including Dynamic Positioned Shuttle Tankers. He served as Chief Officer with a number of leading companies including Oil Major Chevron. As well as his experience on tankers, he also sailed on some of Europe’s largest Ro-Pax ferries and has worked as Marine Control Room Operator on a number of Oil Major operated installations in the North Sea.

Drawing from his extensive knowledge gained sailing on tankers and working within the oil and gas trade, Michael is well placed to conduct complex investigations on a range of vessels, including tanker issues, spillages and cargo incidents. He has also led on-site investigations for MARPOL breaches. His substantial knowledge and recent experience of onboard technology means he is very well-placed to gather technical information and data. Michael is regularly called upon to put together AIS reconstructions and utilises our bespoke software suite to track and monitor client fleets.

Whilst conducting investigations, Michael is adept at building rapport and trust with those he interviews, to ensure the evidence gathered is thorough and insightful, enabling the best possible outcomes to be achieved.

Michael's Career Highlights

Emergency Response PlusMinus

Michael’s experience on live incidents includes the following:

  • Major fire onboard loaded car carrier resulting in total loss.

  • The grounding of the Ever Given in the Suez Canal.

  • Machinery space flooding on offshore Unit resulting in one fatality and significant asset damage.

  • Grounding of tanker off Colombia and associated wreck removal and recycling.

Dispute Resolution PlusMinus

Michael’s work in this area includes:

  • Multi-million dollar arbitration proceedings relating to significant shore infrastructure damage.

  • Arbitration proceedings relating to collision in Suez Canal.

  • Smit Salvage BV & Ors v Luster Maritime SA & Anr (the Ever Given) 2023 EWHC.


Investigations PlusMinus

Michael has the following experience in investigations:

  • Investigating an armed hijacking incident onboard Panamax bulk carrier.

  • Investigating an engine room fire onboard chemical tanker resulting in one fatality and significant machinery damage.

  • Investigating a collision between tanker and container vessel on Karnaphuli River.

  • MARPOL investigation onboard bulk carrier following pollution incident.

Advisory PlusMinus

Michael’s advisory and transactional work includes:

  • Negotiation of various commercial towage contracts.

  • Assisting joint investigation team assembled by two Oil Majors following serious incident offshore.

  • Advising on emergency response procedures for large ship management company.

  • Assisting in reef damage investigation and claim negotiation.

Consulting and Projects PlusMinus

Michael’s experience in this area includes:

  • Acted as Owner’s Representative during cargo removal and recycling project following serious tanker casualty.

  • Full review of SMS and operating procedures of prominent tanker operator following serious incident.

  • Recycling of chemical tanker in compliance with EU and international regulations.

  • Environmental compliance projects for various clients ensuring safe and compliant operations.