Paul Dell

Emergency Response & Intelligence Officer

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Paul has a longstanding career of 25 years encompassing Emergency Response, Vessel Intelligence and Shipping Research.

In an Emergency Response incident, Paul is often involved from the outset when Stann is representing Owners, P&I Clubs, and H&M Underwriters or other entities such as Charterers or Terminals. Paul assesses risk and priorities from the first critical moments. He is the crucial link between the casualty, Stann Mariners, and Stann Solicitors on the ground.

Paul has a deep knowledge of AIS systems and software, and regularly prepares AIS video reconstructions and static plots of incidents such as collisions. Paul oversees tracked vessels, monitoring ships’ real time positions. His intelligence gathering includes conducting comprehensive research on assets of the opponents to obtain security.

Paul researches and runs checks on whether entities or persons of interest are sanctioned entities, and on their business relationships with unsanctioned entities. He conducts research for clients to ensure they do not breach sanctions.

Paul’s substantial experience in Shipping Research and Intelligence aids in the handling of both Wet and Dry legal cases. He brings his expertise to bear on a broad range of cases including collisions, groundings, dock damage and berth historic utility analysis, fire incidents, salvage claims, charterparty disputes, sanctions checks, and speed and consumption claims. He has been closely involved in piercing the corporate veil leading to the identification of not so obvious assets, and thereafter working on the ship arrests, including cases of sister ship and associated ship arrest.